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On-Going Research

ISFPWG IFP Task Team Support
The International Systems Fire Protection Working Group has created a task team to investigate potential advantages of integrating the various fire protection systems of commercial transport airplanes (Integrated Fire Protection). The focus of the groups work will be to evaluate what fire protection is afforded by an OBIGGS sized to inert a CWT. As a member of the task team, the FAA Fire Safety Branch will be providing data on OBIGGS performance, inert gas requirements, and a variety of other data needed to evaluate what systems could be used to improve commercial transport airplane fire safety.

Measurement of Oxygen Concentration
The measurement of oxygen concentration in both the stream of NEA and a fuel tank ullage has been a significant part of the test and research efforts in the area of fuel tank inerting. Early in the work effort a method for measuring oxygen concentration at reduced pressures (flight conditions) was developed. When it packaged for flight test it was called the Onboard Oxygen Analysis System or OBOAS. This method essentially utilized lab based oxygen analyzers with remote sensors imbedded in a complex, controlled gas sample train which uses a powerful vacuum pump. This method was utilized on the GBI demonstration testing performed with the Boeing Company as well as 3 additional flight test projects that ensued all relating to the development and testing of commercial fuel tank inerting systems.
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