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The International Aircraft Materials Fire Test Forum meets three times per year. One meeting is held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, area, one meeting is held at a host organization at another location in North America, and one meeting is hosted by an organization outside the United States. Issues and concerns in the area of aircraft materials fire safety testing are discussed with emphasis on the current test methods.

For the upcoming meeting, topics to be discussed will include the OSU/NBS test methods, Bunsen burner test method, oil burner for seats and cargo liners. Presentations and updates of round robin tests.

Forum attendees are welcome to open a discussion on any new topic in the aircraft materials fire safety area. This forum is open to anyone in the international community in industry, government , and academia with an interest in aircraft materials fire safety and testing. See below for past meeting minutes and next meeting details.

Updates & Downloads

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June 13-15, 2023
EASA Headquarters
Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 3
D-50668 Cologne, Germany

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Forums Meeting Redesign: This meeting will be the first in-person meeting in which the two (2) formerly independent forums (IAMFTF and IASFPF) will be integrated. During the pandemic, the forum meetings were held virtually with a surprisingly high degree of participation. In order to maximize participation and minimize travel and venue costs, we have decided to combine the forum meetings and offer virtual discussion where appropriate. In addition, we are structuring the meeting based on our internal Research Project Areas (RPAs). The RPAs include Cabin Safety, Hazardous Materials Safety, Cargo Compartment Fire Suppression, and Engine/Powerplant Fire Protection.

Presentations / Minutes / Attendee Lists

  PPTX files may contain embedded video files. ZIP files contain video and Powerpoint files
Date Presentation Minutes / Attendee List
  1. Opening Remarks and General Information
    PDF (180 KB)
  2. Insulation Burner Testing and Updates, Insulation Burner Video Update
    PDF (9 MB)
  3. Vertical Flame Propagation (VFP) Test
    PPT (153 MB)
  4. Cargo Liner & Seat Cushion Shroud Testing, & Thermocouple Comparison
    PDF (61 MB)
  5. RTCA Development of a New Flammability Test for Electronic Equipment
    PPT (216 MB)
  6. Relationship Between 3-D Printed Materials and Flammability
    PDF (2 MB)
    PDF (320 KB)
  8. HR2 TRL 6 - Reproducibility Assessment Test Results
    PDF (763 KB)
  9. HR 2 Calibration Factor Averaging
    PDF (279 KB)
  10. HR2 Background / Methane MFC Matrix Testing
    PDF (265 KB)
  11. HR2 Sonic Choke Research
    PDF (543 KB)
  12. Smoke Monitoring Research
    PDF (412 KB)
  13. HR2 Zone Heater Development Update
    PDF (1.2 MB)
  14. HR2 Upper Pilot Investigation
    PDF (290 KB)
  15. Similarity Project Update / Motivation for Developing MCC Baseline Correction Rules
    PDF (2.5 MB)
    PDF (442 KB)
    PDF (1.3 MB)

*** Presentations and Minutes prior to December 2006 ***