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Measuring Oxygen Concentration in a Fuel Tank Ullage 136 KB 5
Inerting Conditions for Aircraft Fuel Tanks 4.9 MB 120
The Effectiveness of Nitrogen-Inerting Systems Against 30-mm High-Explosive Incendiary Projectiles 8.8 MB 162
Test and Evaluation of Halon 1301 and Nitrogen Inerting Against 23 mm HEI Projectiles 3.9 MB 59
Studying Flammability in a Commercial Transport Fuel Tank with Inerting 442 Kb 7
Modeling In-flight Inert Gas Distribution in a 747 Center Wing Fuel Tank 598 Kb 13
Modeling of In-flight Fuel Tank Inerting for FAA OBIGGS Research 255 Kb 11
Development and Testing of the FAA Simplified Fuel Tank Inerting System 530 Kb 11
Limiting Oxygen Concentration Required to Inert Jet Fuel Vapors Existing at Reduced Fuel Tank Pressures (DOT/FAA/AR-TN02/79) 1.8 Mb 32
Ground-Based Inerting of Commercial Transport Aircraft Fuel Tanks 761 Kb 20
Modeling Inert Gas Distribution in Commercial Transport Aircraft Fuel Tanks 600 Kb 8
Basic Considerations in the Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels with Air 24.04 Mb 267
ARAC FTIHWG Final Report 1.5 MB 202
ARAC FTIHWG Team Reports 9 MB 688
Ground-Based Inerting of a Boeing 737 Center Wing Fuel Tank 281 Kb 8
Inerted Fuel Tank Oxygen Concentration Requirements 1.58 Mb 23
Onboard Inert Gas Generation System/Onboard Oxygen Gas Generation System (OBIGGS/OBOGS) Study 7.75 Mb 179
Cold Ambient Temperature Effects on Heated Fuel Tank Vapor Concentrations (DOT/FAA/AR-TN99-93) 395 Kb 13
A Benefit Analysis for Nitrogen Inerting of Aircraft Fuel Tanks Against Ground Fire Explosion (DOT/FAA/AR-99/73) 617 Kb 117
Mass Loading Effects on Fuel Vapor Concentration in an Aircraft Fuel Tank Ullage (DOT/FAA/AR-TN99/65) 934 Kb 14
A Review of the Flammability Hazard of Jet Fuel Vapor in Civil Transport Aircraft Tanks (DOT/FAA/AR-98/26) 1.04 Mb 62
OBIGGS for Fighter Aircraft 22 MB 9
Aircraft Accident Report - In-Flight Breakup Over the Atlantic Ocean Trans World Airlines Flight 800 7.63 Mb 341
Flight Test Group Chairman's Factual Report of Investigation 96 Kb 24
ARAC Report: Fuel Tank Harmonization Working Group - FINAL REPORT

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