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The International Aircraft System Fire Protection Working Group was established as the International Halon Replacement Working Group in October 1993. This working group meets twice per year. One meeting is held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, area and one meeting is held at a host organization at another location. This group originally developed minimum performance standards and test methodologies for non halon aircraft fire suppression agents/systems in cargo compartments, engine nacelles, hand held extinguishers, and lavatory trash receptacles. The groups focus has been expanded to include all system fire protection R&D for aircraft.

Meeting topics include minimum performance standards for aircraft handheld extinguishers, cargo compartment fire suppression systems, and engine nacelles. Halon replacement agents for these areas are also discussed. Additionally, topics such as powerplants fire testing, lithium batteries, fuel cells, fuel tank explosion protection (including fuel flammability, nitrogen inerting, other methods of explosion protection), OBIGGS/OBOGS, fire protection in hidden areas of the aircraft, and fire detection R&D.

This working group is open to anyone in the international community in industry, government, and academia with an interest in aircraft fire protection systems. See below for past meeting minutes and next

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May 8-9, 2018
Cologne, Germany

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Date Presentation Minutes / Attendee List
  1. Certification of False Alarm Resistant Cargo Smoke Detectors
    PDF (605 KB)
  2. False Alarm Smoke Detection and Smoke Generators
    PDF (3.5 MB)
  3. Characterization of Smoke Machines in Testing Aircraft Smoke Detectors
    PDF (2 MB)
  4. Improvements in Aircraft Fire Detection
    PDF (534 KB)
  5. Standardization of Smoke Generation for Certification Testing
    PDF (951 KB)
  6. Modeling of Hidden Fire in Aircraft Overhead Area
    PPT (27 MB)
  7. Next Generation Fire Test Burner for Powerplant Fire Testing Applications
    PDF (1.4 MB)
  8. Experimental Investigation of the Park Burner, Comparisons to NexGen
    PDF (736 KB)
  9. SAE: Fire Containment Covers and Fire Resistant Containers
    PDF (421 KB)
    PDF (358 KB)
  11. Minimum Performance Standard Aircraft Cargo Compartment Halon Replacement Fire Suppression Systems Testing
    PPT (206 MB)
  12. Minimum Performance Standard Aircraft Cargo Compartment Halon Replacement Fire Suppression Systems Testing - Challenge Fire Test
    PPT (113 MB)
  13. Engine Nacelle, Halon Replacement - Reconsidering Carbon Dioxide as a Fire Extinguishant ~ Status
    PDF (13 MB)
  14. Aircraft Installed Battery Industry Working Group Updates
    PDF (609 KB)
  15. Lithium Ion Thermal Runaway - Less than 2 Wh Lithium Ion Batteries
    PDF (253 KB)
  16. Fuel Cell Industry Working Group Updates
    PDF (560 KB)
  17. FAA Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Transformation
    PDF (714 KB)
  18. Update on ICAO Activities for the Replacement of Halon in Aircraft Fire Suppression Systems
    PDF (403 KB)
  19. EASA - Halon Replacement Status
    PDF (463 KB)
  20. Cargo Compartment Halon Replacement Working Group (CCHRWG) Update
    PDF (1 MB)
  21. Engine/APU Halon Replacement Industry Consortium - Halon Alternatives for Aircraft Propulsion Systems (HAAPS)
    PDF (446 KB)
  22. Status of SAE G-27 Lithium Battery packaging performance Committee
    PPT (71 MB)
  23. SAE G27 Packaging Tests
    PPT (78 MB)
  24. Personal Electronic Device Hazard in Checked Luggage
    PPT (271 MB)
  25. High Energy Fire and Cabin Safety Risk Management
    PDF (1.4 MB)
  26. Solid State Battery Tests
    PDF (206 KB)
  27. Background FAA Tests
    PPT (60 MB)
  28. Installed Li Batteries Task Group
    PDF (255 KB)

*** Presentations and Minutes prior to December 2006 ***