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Heat Release Rate Calibration Factor

This program is designed to use a millivolt generator, which will be used in place of the thermopile. If your software supports it, you only need to check the baseline flow (1-liter), the 4-liter, 6-liter, and 8-Liter flows once to obtain your Total Calibration Factor (Cal Factor). Once you obtain your Cal Factor, enter the values you used below (in addition to the temperature and pressure) and click Calculate to obtain a reference Cal Factor. You may also check the percentage error by entering your Cal Factor.

If you do not have a millivolt generator, a full calibration simulation will be available here at a later date.

°C Default: 20 °C
mm/Hg Default: 760 mm/Hg
 mV Default Flow: 1 Liter  |  Default mV: 25
 mV Default Flow: 4 Liter  |  Default mV: 31
 mV Default Flow: 6 Liter  |  Default mV: 35
 mV Default Flow: 8 Liter  |  Default mV: 39

Optional: Enter your Total Calibration Factor (Cal Factor) for the percentage error compared to the reference Cal Factor which will be calculated from your input above.