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Ground Rules for Use of Tech. Center Facilities for Testing of thermal/acoustic insulation for Flame Propagation

The following are ground rules for use of the FAA Radiant Panel for testing of thermal/acoustic insulation, in support of NRPM's 99-NM-161-AD and 99-NM-162-AD:

1. A. Only tests conducted to support compliance with the pending AD's will be considered (no product development)

    B. A test plan must be approved by the LAACO. FAA Conformity Inspection of the test articles will be required.

2. Tests will not be "FAA approved" with respect to part 25, but the results will be considered as valid, for any determination the FAA makes with respect to compliance with the AD; either directly or by an alternative means of compliance.

3. Tests are conducted by company personnel, (not Tech. Center personnel). FAA witnessing of the testing is required. If they can not participate, the LAACO will request, by memo, Technical Center assistance to witness testing on their behalf. All test results must be submitted to the LAACO with a request for approval as specified in the NPRM.

4. Information on successful test results will be made available to anyone that requests it, but will not be publicized.

5. Use of the facilities is limited and advance scheduling is required. Arrangements can be made by contacting Pat Cahill at 609-485-6571.

6. The facilities will not be available after the issuance of a test method requirement.


Date Presentation
7/8/99 Intermediate Scale Flame Propagation Testing [38 MB]
Full Scale Flame Propagation Testing [8.6MB]
Intermediate Scale Flame Propagation Testing in a Narrow Body Test Rig [9 MB]
3/2/99 Small and Intermediate Scale Flame Propagation Test Development [70 MB]
3/1/99 Thermal Acoustic Task Group Meeting Highlights [9.8 KB]
N/A Preventing Contamination that Affects Flammability(1.2MB)